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Par la porte dérobée

This is a unique piece of art.

Macoline balances the use of colors to create an aesthetic art performed on psycho-perceptual principles.

Size : 110 x 80 cm

Support : Canvas (mounted on a stretcher)

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Macoline balances the use of colours to create an aesthetic art performed on psycho-perceptual principles. The "feeling" of balance gives the watcher of her work a dimension of fulfilment and sensory satisfaction, usually tied to concepts like harmony, peace, symmetry and order. Human attraction for the balance and symmetry comes from the anthropological dimension, interpreting it as a cultural result based on western centrality of the logos and the ratio.
Macoline does not reproduce what already exists, do not copy the nature, but uses freely the means of her language: colors, lines, subjects. She focuses on pure color to represent the reality and express her state of mind. Highlighting the splendor of the music, she makes visible the structures of nature painting with touches of color, without contour lines, tries to suggest the luminous effect of light.
Without sometimes acknowledging the subject of the picture, she is still fascinated by its beauty and realizes that what is represented is not what is important. What matters the most is the way her painting affects who looks at it. You will notice stains and color areas, free of forms, specifically recognized by those sensitive to art work.

The paintings become images of the mind through various emotions such as music. For Macoline, the colours and forms have an inner sound that influence the psychology of those who look at them. Each color can be associated with the sound of a musical instrument. With her research on emotions, the artist wants to awaken a new spirituality in the world.

The figures and shapes represented in her work are simplified, until their geometric essentials appear: the art spectrum of Macoline’s work is embodied in diagrams of signs, items and colors.

You will hear the frantic pace of the dance, the sound and excitement of joy.

Estimated lead time : 2-3 weeks

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